23/08/2011 09:29 BST | Updated 24/10/2011 06:12 BST

Angry Wasps Predicted To Plague Bank Holidaymakers

Packed beaches and traffic jams won't be the only thing to sting sun-seekers bolting to the countryside this bank holiday weekend, as experts predict a rise in “aggressive” wasp activity.

Rentokil has reported a 39 per cent increase in wasp nest treatments in 2011 compared to last year and the pest control company’s technical manager Kate Hamer has warned swarms of angry wasps could plague family picnics.

“This year’s warm spring weather caused an early start to the wasp nest building season and we’ve seen one of the most dramatic rises in wasp treatments for many years,” she said.

“As wasp nests become mature, wasps no longer need to feed the young and so only require sugary substances to feed on, and this is when they are at their most aggressive– increasing the risk of being stung.”

To avoid being stung, holidaymakers are advised to:

  • Never swat a wasp - it only increases the likelihood of being stung
  • Make sure to stay alert to large numbers of wasps, as it may indicate a nest is near by.
  • Wasps are also attracted to bright colours, so dress drab to avoid becoming a victim.