24/08/2011 07:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

12-Year-Old Boy Delivers His Baby Brother

12-year-old boy delivers his baby brother with help from medical TV shows Getty Model released photo

A 12-year-old boy turned midwife after his mum went into labour with his baby brother.

Gaelan Edwards from Canada came to the rescue when his mum, Danielle started having contractions in her bedroom at home. Gaelan raced in to help when he heard her cries, and ended up delivering the baby boy.

'I just felt a lot of pressure, and I was laying on my side and I rolled over onto my back,' new mum Danielle told CTV British Columbia.'I said: 'Gaelan, when you see the shoulders, I need you to hang on to his shoulders and I need you to pull him out!''

Gaelan said his knowledge of medical TV shows and books on babies his mum had at home helped him out when he was faced with the delivery task, admitting he had seen 'different ways to pull a baby out' over the years.

But his new-found baby skills didn't stop there. After safely delivering his newborn brother, Gaelan continued with his midwifery duties, using a clamp and scissors to cut the little lad's umbilical cord!

Danielle and her new arrival were checked in hospital and are now doing well at home.

Excellent work, Gaelan!