24/08/2011 20:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Geri Halliwell Takes Lingerie Trend Too Far

geri-halliwell-shows-bra From the front Geri gets full marks for style. But from the back... Photos: Rex

Geri Halliwell took the underwear as outerwear trend just a little to far when wore a low-cut top that showed her bra in London yesterday. At first glance Geri, who was taking a stroll with her daughter Bluebelle in Hampstead, looked like she'd aced laid back late summer style. With her Ray Ban aviators, skater skirt, scoop-neck T-shirt and sun kissed mane it was a case of so far, so good. And then she turned around. Now, we're not prudes but this particular brand of bra flashing is just not acceptable. Ever. It's not even a nice bra for goodness sake. To add insult to injury, Geri teamed the 'daring' lingerie with an equally daring (and ill-advised) manicure: fingers decorated with alternate nail polish of blue and orange. Back to the bottom of the style class please Ms Halliwell!

We're sad to report that Geri is not the only Spice lady to commit this fashion crime. Mel B has also been snapped flashing her bra in recent months.

If only Geri and Mel B would take some style advice for their former band mate Victoria Beckham. Mrs B would never dream of giving us a glimpse at her lingerie - although if the photos in the gallery below are anything to go by, she's committed some pretty heinous fashion crimes of her own in the past...