Celebrity Big Brother: Amy Childs Has To Prove Brains AND Beauty In Latest House Task

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Celebrity Big Brother housemates are relying on reality star Amy Childs to prove she has brains as well as beauty in their latest task.

They have been set a series of challenges based on the classic film The Wizard Of Oz.

Kerry Katona, Bobby Sabel and Sally Bercow, who have all been nominated for eviction, have become Dorothys for three days and ordered to find a yellow brick road in the house garden.

Big Brother ordered that at least one Dorothy must stand on the road at all times for the duration of the task and they had to give out other roles to the rest of the housemates.

Childs has become the Scarecrow, who is famously missing a brain in the film, and has to get six correct answers out of 10 quiz questions.

Photography agency boss Darryn Lyons was nominated to become the heartless Tin Man, while actor Lucien Laviscount was named the Wicked Witch.

American Pie star Tara Reid and Jedward were told to be Munchkins and ordered to hide whenever they hear the witch's cackle.