25/08/2011 08:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How Do Fake Will And Kate Measure Up To The Real Royal Couple?

The New York screening of William and Catherine: A Royal Romance - the latest movie to be based on Will and Kate's relationship - took place on Tuesday, but how do the latest faux royal couple measure up to the real deal?

Fake Willikate v Real Willikate. Photos: Getty/PA

First thoughts are that Fake Kate (Alice St Clair) doesn't have enough hair and Fake Will (Dan Amboyer) has too much. The faux royal wardrobe is a better match though. Kate's fond of a neutral dress and plain courts while Will does like a nice suit.

Apparently they made a bit more of an effort with the hair for the film than they did for the screening. Kate sports long brunette locks and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Fake Will as telling a Hallmark Channel press conference: "We did some things to try to make [my hair] look thinner. We'll see how it looks on camera."

We're not entirely sure if Hallmark's royal romance can match up to the amazingness that was William and Kate: The Movie - after all, that had some Pride and Prejudice-inspired (probably) lake diving - but it's good that they're willing to try. There's an awkward bra-based first encounter for starters.

We also have this shot from the movie set in Bucharest which has piqued our curiosity - we're 98VIRTUAL-Gallery-122523%