27/08/2011 12:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Would You Buy Katie Price's New Magazine For Your Teen Daughter?

Katie Price PA

Glamour model turned entrepreneur Katie Price is launching her own magazine, 'Katie', next month. It will hit the shelves with a £3.99 price tag.

Katie's other business ventures include everything from perfume and books to a clothing collection and horse riding range. Called simply 'Katie', the new magazine will be aimed at the teenage market, according to her management, despite promising an exclusive 'peek' into both her own and her daughter Princess' wardrobes.

Katie who is currently on holiday in Marbella with her children and boyfriend Leandro Penna, tweeted news about the launch plans. Under an exclusive deal done through high street store WHSmith Katie's magazine will only be sold within its stores with planned signings during September at Lakeside, Chelmsford, Milton Keynes and Leicester.

There's no shortage of celebrity snaps and gossip contained within the pages of many of the weekly and monthly magazines but few well known faces take the step of launching their own magazine and some may say Katie is following in the style of Oprah Winfrey who has 'O' her own magazine.

Features flagged up on the front cover of 'Katie' include 'the beauty products I can't live without' and 'I give my friends a Jordan makeover' along with the headline grabbing, 'I will get married again' which promises the 'real truth behind the headlines'.

So could her magazine be a savvy move by Katie to put the truth out there, after all the column inches that are constantly written about her, or a money making enterprise in a magazine market which regularly sees titles fold due to poor circulation?

Times change and in an age when huge numbers of us log on to read our daily paper rather than pick it up off the mat, it's not surprising the magazine market is heading the same way too. Whereas in the past teenage girls dived upon their issue of 'Just Seventeen' or even further back in the late seventies 'Jackie' when you could read the latest problem advice dispensed from those trusty problem gurus 'Cathy & Claire', today's teenage girls are more likely to spend their time on Facebook or if they want to read teen magazines opting for the free online version or more fashion led magazines like Grazia or Look.

The controversial teen magazine Sugar was one title that fell victim to this new age technology when it had the plug pulled by its publishers after a 75% fall in circulation, blaming readers' desire for free content.

As a parent trying to choose a magazine suitable for pre-teen or early teenage children can be tough; once they're too old for fluffy pet and pony comics there's a big jump to more teenage titles like Shout and Bliss along with until more recently Sugar.

One issue that concerns parents is what's actually hidden between the covers of these so called teenage magazines. Sir Bob Geldof, a dad himself, recently branded teenage girls' magazines 'offensive' for their obsession with sex according to the Daily Mail.

But parenting author and mum of three Antonia Chitty, believes the right magazine could do well saying, 'there's a real gap in the market for a magazine with the emphasis on lifestyle rather than scandal'.

She says her nine-year-old daughter no longer wants 'grotty plastic bangles or cheap lipglosses'; just some of the free gifts glued to the front cover of so many 'Princess' style comics, and often the only reason some of them get picked off the shelves in the first place.

'But whether it's Hannah Montana or Katie Price, she doesn't want a magazine just about one person'.

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