01/09/2011 06:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Terrible Twos: Home Alone

Terrible twos: mum home alone Alamy

The bank holiday weekend afforded me a very rare treat indeed. Dan had decided to take Ava, and her little sister Ruby, to stay at his mum's for a couple of nights meaning, if I desired, I could spend two days and nights home alone.

Alone?! Alone! Resting! Ooh, watching a film?! Painting my nails? Taking a long leisurely bath! LYING IN!

Since she was born almost three years ago, I have spent just a handful of days not in Ava's company. I've had three weekends away since becoming a mummy - but one of those saw Ruby become possibly the youngest ever member of a hen party, as I was still breastfeeding and had to take her with me.

So, really two weekends away in three years, but never ever more than a few hours in my own house without the babies being there. It was a strange but tantalising prospect.

We spent the afternoon packing the girls' things, Ava hugely excited about taking a trip to see Grandma Angela and Grandad Mike. As I waved them off in the car –-and Ava shouted 'BYE MUMMY!!' beaming delightedly and clearly not even slightly perturbed at being separated from me - I had to bear down on the weird butterflies in my stomach, and the loud and fast beating of my heart as I watched them drive away from me.

Inside the house, well, nothing. Silence! I wandered for a minute and looked into the rooms (which were definitely, definitely empty) and then walked back into the hall. As I stood there trying to decide what decadent thing I might do first, I absent-mindedly closed the stair gate.

And that was the start of a weekend in which I realised quite how big that Ava and Ruby shaped hole was. I had a night out, but my eyes still pinged open at 6am; I mentally planned meals before remembering I had no-one to cook for; I put wipes into my handbag before leaving the house.

Did I miss the crap all over the floor? No I did not. Did I miss wiping yogurt off the kitchen window at breakfast time? Nope. Did I miss the twice daily Terrible Tantrum? No, in fact the absence of it was most refreshing. But did I miss Ava and Ru? Oh my - like I would miss my right arm.

So, you will be pleased to know that normal service has resumed. Ava is currently drawing on herself in felt tip pen; Ruby is sitting in the middle of the living room floor which is no longer visible under the entire contents of the toy cupboard (and some clean washing which I folded up and foolishly left within reach on the kitchen table).

But my well-needed rest has equipped me with a little more patience (keep calm, carry on!). Or perhaps, if it is possible, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.