03/09/2011 14:37 BST | Updated 03/11/2011 09:12 GMT

Tara Reid Evicted From Big Brother, Snaps At Brian Dowling

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Hollywood actress Tara Reid has lost her place in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She was beaten by paparazzo Darryn Lyons, pin-up Lucien Laviscount and international model Bobby Sabel for the popular vote.

Reid, 35, smiled, kissed and waved to her fellow contestants and the crowds waiting outside the house.

There was tension after Reid was shown footage of her time in the house.

Asked by presenter Brian Dowling about things had panned out she said: "To be honest with you, of what I've seen of the clips right now, I'm not that happy with that."

As Dowling tried to interrupt her, Reid snapped: "You asked me a question, I'll finish. I just feel like there was a lot of great times, I feel like you guys took the toughest times of me and showed it. It's kind of sad."

Dowling then appeared to rush away from the interview and back to the crowds, saying: "It's live television, there we go."

Previously Reid had said she had felt "bullied" at times in the house.

She said: "It gets cliquey in the house and it's a second school, you have this crowd and that crowd and sometimes you feel a little bullied."

Speaking about the friction between her and Lyons she said: "It was like a love/hate relationship, at first I liked him and then I thought he was kind of picking on people. Then he started giving me dirty looks and being mean and it was just ridiculous, he's a grown man."