Shoreditch Unbound Limited Edition Book Showcases East London Creativity


Shoreditch Unbound Festival is celebrating its launch with a limited edition concept book.

The book - also titled Shoreditch Unbound - offers a snapshot of the East London area's creativity through images of art, fashion, design as well as the area itself.

As well as providing readers with a substantial amount of pre-selected Shoreditch eye candy, purchasing also gives access to exclusive online content which the reader can select from, download, print out and add to their copy as well as extra content available from Shoreditch Unbound Festival venues. Creative types can also contribute their own ideas via Shoot Shoreditch Unbound - an interactive photographic adventure - on 17 September

Imagery from Fred Butler's AW11 collection is available for exclusive download. Photo: Fred Butler/Shoreditch Unbound

The festival runs from 1-15 September and encompasses a variety of art installations, a Paw Pageant, the Unbound Fashion Show, a graffiti workshop and assorted live music events.

Just take a look at our gallery of images from the book to get a flavour for Shoreditch Unbound:

Shoreditch Unbound, £79.99, is available to buy online. The publication has a limited edition print run of 3,000 and will only be available to buy during September.

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