06/09/2011 19:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Strictly Come Dancing Lineup Revealed...

Strictly Come Dancing lineup revealed... Tess and Bruce at the 2011 NTAs. Photo: PA

Since Saturday when The Sun announced an unconfirmed Strictly Come Dancing lineup we've been getting in the mood for the season of sequins, sparkles and scheduling battles with those singing hopefuls over on ITV. Now that the contestants have been officially unveiled, let's have a look at who they are:

Pop icons x1 (or x2 depending on your criteria for icon-hood):

Lulu - altogether now: "Weeeeeeeeeeeelll..."
Harry off McFly - Might be a good candidate for those unbuttoned-to-the-waist shirts... #justsayin

Telly presenters x2:

Dan Lobb - Sports presenter for Daybreak
Alex Jones - Presenter on The One Show

Ex-soapstars x3:

Holly Valance - Neighbours actress, Kiss Kiss singer, beer advertiser-er
Jason Donovan - Fictional husband to Kylie Minogue, actor, musical star
Anita Dobson - Ex-EastEnder, theme tune singer, wife of Brian May

Athletic types x2:

Audley Harrison - Boxer (his stance is Southpaw, apparently)
Robbie Savage - Ex-Derby County footballer, radio commentator

Misc x5:

Nancy Dell'Olio - Lawyer, friend of tanning
Rory Bremner - Impressionist (the voice impersonating type, not the painting type)
Edwina Currie - Ex-politician, do-er of the nasty with John Major
Russell Grant - Astrologer
Chelsee Healey - Waterloo Road actress