06/09/2011 11:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Women Delaying Motherhood Because Of Recession

Women delaying motherhood

It's often said that if you wait until you can afford to have a baby, you'll never have one, yet latest research suggests that women really are delaying motherhood because of recession worries.

Twenty-five per cent of British women are putting off having children because of the state of the economy, a new study has claimed, whilst money worries have made 15 per cent abandon the idea of motherhood completely.

Amazingly, more than a quarter - 27 per cent - have even considered freezing their eggs until the economy improves!

The poll, which was conducted by Red Magazine, examined women's general attitudes to pregnancy and fertility treatment. It found that the economic downturn meant the amount women would spend to help them conceive had dropped from £15,000 to £12,000 in a year.

Despite this, 62 per cent said IVF should not be available on the NHS for just anyone who wants it - this was a vast rise from 2007, when just 17 per cent of respondents believed the same.

Seventy five per cent of women wanted three free treatment cycles, and 95 per cent said it was unfair that IVF was a postcode lottery, with varying regional criterion, resulting in 25 per cent of women saying they would move house to qualify, and 20 per cent claiming they were willing to go abroad to get it.

The editor in chief of Red, Sam Baker said the report showed that the recession has hit women and families very hard.

Have you delayed motherhood because of the recession? Or put off having a second baby because of money worries?