07/09/2011 06:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Natural, Non-Identical Triplets Born To Proud Parents - One In 25,000 Odds!

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A proud mum has given birth to natural, non-identical triplets - so rare, the odds of it happening without IVF are placed at one in 25,000!

Catherine Cunningham's three little boys - Max, Jamie and Sam - are thriving at home in Didsbury, Greater Manchester with their older sister, two-year-old Eva.

Max weighed 5lb 4oz, at birth, Jamie, 5lb 8oz and Sam 4lb 10oz. Max and Jamie both spent time in special care after delivery, but all three babies are now healthy and doing well.

Their no doubt exhausted mum said she had no idea the boys were non-identical until they arrived - adding she was 'enormous' during her pregnancy.

Overjoyed dad Brendan, 37, told the Daily Mail that learning they were having triplets came as something of a shock and no one would believe their news at first!

'It felt like winning the lottery,' he said.

What a lovely story!
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