12/09/2011 08:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victoria Beckham Ditches Harper's Monochrome - But The Brown Socks Stay

Victoria Beckham and Harper Splash

Babies! Note from Harper Seven: Monochrome is just SO last week, OK? We are now entering the season of the pale pink button-back romper (with matching knickers) but the brown socks are still de rigueur.

Seems Posh Spice has grown bored of baby Harper's black and white wardrobe and was spotted yesterday carrying her adorable daughter around in a very girly pale pink dress. Those omnipresent brown socks were very much in evidence still though, which leads us to suspect that either someone very high profile gave Victoria a job lot of them at her baby shower, or they are made from some very special, very expensive, un-bleached, un-dyed fibre, hand-combed from the heads of mermaids. Or something.

Whatever the reason for them, we don't like. Please get her some white socks. Or pink ones. Or really, anything but that awful shade of brown.

(And also, is Harper Beckham going to be the Most Carried Baby ever? What happened to the specially commissioned pushchair we read so much about? All that picking up and putting down is not going to do your slipped disc much good, Vicky!, especially in these enormo Louboutin heels.)

Victoria Beckham ditches Harper's monochrome - but the brown socks stay Splash