Assorted Kardashians Observe Kylie Jenner's Catwalk Debut

Assorted Kardashians Observe Kylie Jenner's Catwalk Debut

Kylie Jenner made her catwalk debut for Avril Lavigne's clothing line Abbey Dawn as assorted Kardashian siblings looked on.

L-R Kendall, Kourtney, Kim and Kris. Photo: Getty

Kylie (far right)looking not at all terrified. Photo: Getty

Kylie was following in the fashion footsteps of older sister Kendall Jenner as she strutted her stuff supported by Kim, Kourtney and Kendall as well as Kim's new husband Kris and brother Brody. The show and our accompanying research has taught us a few things too:

1. Even famous families can be hideously embarrassing when you're trying to be serious and fashionable:

Oh, the shame. Photo: Getty

2. Avril Lavigne has not visibly aged at all over the last nine years.

3. Avril's fashion line believes everyone should dress like Avril herself in 2002:

Kylie (l) and Avril (r). Photos: Getty

4. Avril's middle name is Ramona.

5. There is no such thing as 'not a photo opportunity' for a Kardashian:

"Cheese!" Photo: Getty

It looks like Avril Ramona Lavigne was pleased with the results, tweeting: "@KylieJenner you rocked the runway tonight for @AbbeyDawn great job babe!! Thanks to all the models tonight!!"

Why do you think of Avril's line?

For more Kardashian fashion just check out the gallery below:


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