Danielle Lloyd Speaks Of Her Fears For Premature Baby Son Harry

Danielle Lloyd Speaks Of Her Fears For Premature Baby Son Harry


WAG Danielle Lloyd has spoken about her fears that her premature son, Harry, might have suffered brain damage after he pulled his ventilator out while in hospital.

Danielle, 27, gave birth to Harry 10 weeks early, and has told OK! magazine that one day she arrived at his bedside to find he had pulled out his ventilator and was breathing heavily.

'I went to see him in hospital one day to find that he'd pulled his ventilator out and his life support had switched off,' explained new mum, Danielle.

'His breathing was really heavy and there was no oxygen going to his brain and it could've caused brain damage. His skin was also discoloured and he was put back on the life support. It was the most terrifying moment of my life and I just sobbed my heart out.'

Danielle Lloyd/Twitter/YFrog

Harry was born in July, and was put on a life support machine after doctors discovered he had a hole in his heart and his brain wasn't getting enough oxygen.

The little lad is now home with Danielle, footballer dad Jamie O'Hara and the couple's older son, Archie, one, but Danielle says the family are taking things slowly. She said Harry will develop normally but 'it'll take him longer'.

'He's on medication and vitamins every day so we just have to take each day as it comes. He has to go for a brain scan to see if there has been any lasting damage.'

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