Justin Bieber Baby News: Teen Wants To Be A Dad By 25!

Justin Bieber Baby News: Teen Wants To Be A Dad By 25!


There's something just not quite right about this story... maybe it's because Justin still has the face of a petulant toddler himself, or perhaps it is down to his age, but anyway, Mr (Master?) Bieber has revealed to The Sun that he hopes to be a dad by the time he is 25...

Whilst most 17-year-olds of our acquaintance want nothing more than to be driving a fast car and earning lots of dosh for not doing very much by the time they are 25 (oh! wait...) Justin is insistent he wants to be a 'young dad' and says he sees himself 'Like, married or looking for a family' by the age of 25 or 26.

'Like', that's fine, obv, and there are lots of men settled and married and being fabulous daddies at 25 - but how many of them made the decision at 17? 'Spesh as Justin - who is dating actress Selena Gomez - was quick to add 'I'm not looking to get married now.'

But, what whatever floats his boat - like most kids he'll have probably changed his mind by this time next week and be demanding a puppy or a kite or something.

(Although, can you IMAGINE that face being confronted by a meconium filled nappy?!)

Did you or your partner know you wanted to be a dad from a very early age?

Or do you think Bieber is talking twaddle?