Natalie Rowe, Former Escort At Centre Of George Osborne Cocaine Allegations, Calls On Him To 'Tell The Truth'

Former Escort At Centre Of George Osborne Cocaine Allegations Calls On Chancellor To 'Tell The Truth'

The former escort at the centre of allegations George Osborne once took cocaine has called on the Chancellor to "tell the truth"

Speaking to James O’Brien on LBC 97.3, Natalie Rowe said she had the right to defend herself against counter-allegations she was a dominatrix and drug taker: "The point I’m trying to make is this, he’s a Chancellor and he should come out and tell the truth. At the end of the day, if you want to make laws and rules about drug-taking, you can’t be a hypocrite and he is.”

She claimed: "I told the truth consistently and I get quite offended when nobody seems to see the point that I’m trying to make which is George Osborne runs the economy and it doesn’t matter that it was in his past, the fact is that he denies it and not only does he deny it but he’s trying to portray me as someone who isn’t telling the truth and I have the right to defend myself.”

He has previously denied all allegations.

Today Rowe claimed Osborne's phone had been targeted by the News of the World and called on him to "tell the truth" about the allegations:

“The point is, he’s a Chancellor. You should tell the truth. Tell the truth. And there is other stuff James that you’re not aware of where Osborne has been involved, tainting me and trying to make me look, I mean the public don’t know me, they haven’t met me, when people keep touting this word prostitute it conjures up all kinds of connotations. I’m a person, I’m a real human being.”

A spokesperson for Osborne told the Independent yesterday "These are old allegations that were widely reported and denied years ago. There is nothing new."


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