Why Women Love Men With Deep Voices

Why Men With Deep Voices Make A Lasting Impression

They say that first impressions count, but if you’re a man and you want to make a lasting impression on a woman, apparently all you need is a deep, low-pitched voice to rival Barry White.

According to a new study from the University of Aberdeen, women are more sensitive towards deeper voices in men and will most likely remember them over guys with a higher pitched tone.

The study, lead by researcher David Smith, observed 45 women who were shown images objects and were read out the name of the object by someone with a low and raised-pitched voice.

When asked to recall the objects and which voice they preferred, the deep drawl came up trumps, in both memory and attractiveness.

According to the findings, the results show that a woman’s memory is enhanced by a low, manly voice and because women rely heavily on our memories, it helps them scan the voice tones for genetic superiority when looking for a potential partner.

Is a deep, masculine voice the key to a woman’s heart? “We think this is evidence that evolution has shaped women's ability to remember information associated with desirable men,” says Dr. Kevin Allen, a supervisor from the study.