14/09/2011 09:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jet-Set Style: Nicole Scherzinger Hits Heathrow In Leopard Trousers And Trench Coat

Nicole Scherzinger There is literally nothing about the outfit Nicole Scherzinger wore to Heathrow Airport that says 'I intend to be in any way comfortable on this plane journey'.

Nicole's travel clothes comprised Victoria Beckham-esque heels, Kardashian-esque tight leopard print trousers, a film noir private eye-esque trench coat and enthusiastically applied blusher.

Now, we've been on planes before and we know that tight things are not your friend. We also know that wearing an extremely tight ponytail leads to said ponytail digging into the back of your head for the whole journey.

Either Nicole has committed herself to hours of discomfort just for the sake of a good pap shot or there's someone waiting on the plane with a pair of pyjamas and some trainers.

For a selection of Nicole's best style moments just have a look through the gallery below: