14/09/2011 07:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Bans Mirrors To Stop Girls Plastering On Make-Up

Teenage girls applying make-up Getty

A secondary school in Huddersfield has banned mirrors in the girls' toilets to try and stop pupils wearing too much make-up.

Shelley College took the drastic action after some girls were spending their entire lunch break in the loos plastering on make-up, which put some younger pupils off going into the toilets.

Staff at the school now carry make-up removal kits and nail varnish remover to strip pupils of their war paint if they wear too much.

Headteacher John McNally said the school had allowed 'discreet' make-up but some pupils didn't follow the guidelines:

'We have had a 'discreet' make-up policy for about five or six years but we've noticed over time there were a small number of girls who were plastering it on - really laying it on thick.

'There comes a point when you need to stop teachers spending half an hour in the day talking to girls about their make-up, it is more sensible to say it is not allowed.'

He also said he had been backed by the majority of parents and pupils, with just a few make-up fans causing a fuss:

'The fuss is being caused by about five or six girls, who are the ones who wear the most make-up, who don't want to give it up.'

One make-up fan at the school, an unnamed 16-year-old said she thought the ban was 'ridiculous' and 'extreme' saying:

'The ban is just ridiculous and the school is going to extreme lengths to stop us wearing make-up. The school says it affects our education but it doesn't. I just put some mascara and foundation on at 7.30am and don't touch it until I get home.

'We do it for our own confidence. We have to do presentations and I don't want to stand up in front of the class without make-up on. It's just to hide our insecurities.'

Does you children's school have a make-up ban?
Or is Shelley College's approach a bit drastic?