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We Shared Our Pregnancies With The Stars: Meet The Celebrity Preg-A-Likes

When you got pregnant, did you notice that a celebrity found themselves expecting same time, too? And did you follow them, month by month to see what they were wearing, how big their bump was... and then get excited when they popped? These readers did...

We shared our pregnancies with the stars: Meet the celebrity preg-a-likes Rex

Abbey Clancy, 25, Liverpudlian model and now wife of England striker, Peter Crouch, is mum to Sophia – who was born on 14th March 2011.

Abbey's pregnancy has been quite the focus for news stories: she was only a few weeks pregnant when rumours of her fiancé's infidelities were published last August.

But Abbey and Peter moved on, and the model went on to have a very glamorous nine months, showing a neat bump and a fabulous maternity wardrobe.

Abbey was apparently certain she was expecting a boy, but gave birth to a healthy 7lb, 9oz little girl at the Portland Hospital in London in March.

She's since popped back to her model shape for her summer wedding and has been sporting skinny jeans and micro mini dresses...

Nicola Roberts, 31, was due at the same time as Abbey when she was pregnant with her son, Evan.

'I noticed Abbey and I had really close due dates - about five days apart. Abbey's pregnancy was announced first as hers was leaked with pictures of her having a celebratory lunch after her scan. I remember thinking, 'How exciting, this means magazines and newspapers are bound to be writing about her pregnancy progress and I'll have something to compare my bump to!'

In reality, although my bump was quite small too, I felt quite a bit bigger towards the end, but I suppose she is quite tiny! I enjoyed showing my bump off - a bit like her. I lived in skinny jeans and long fitted tops - thank goodness for Topshop maternity jeans!

I wish I had as much time as her to exercise, but what with working full time, plus undergoing a massive house renovation, I didn't have any time (or energy!) to do much!'

We shared our pregnancies with the stars: Meet the celebrity preg-a-likes PA

Dannii Minogue, 39, Australian actress, singer, designer and former X Factor judge is mum to Ethan - who was born on 5th July 2010.

Dannii announced her pregnancy in January last year by writing on Twitter: 'Woo hoo – I'm gonna be a mummy.'

The star finished her X Factor duties in December 2009, then had a busy spring launching her fashion range, Project D in April, before moving back to Australia to be a judge on Australia's Got Talent.

She got to put her feet up for a couple of weeks before the birth, although she was also working on her autobiography.

Sadly, Dannii's plans for a home birth were thwarted by complications, but Ethan arrived safe and well after a hospital dash, weighing 8lb, 3oz.

Dale Roe, 34, found a pregnancy pal in the lovely Dannii when she was expecting her daughter Poppy.

'To find out your pregnancy runs side by side with a style icon like Dannii Minogue is pretty daunting. She always looks fantastic and me...I was constantly pulling my elasticated maternity jeans up so my crotch wasn't by my knees!

She announced her pregnancy in early January, when my 12-week scan was, so I knew we were due around same time in July.

Once Dannii had Ethan, every day that I was past my due date was getting frustrating.

I felt much better when I sent a tweet to Dannii one evening asking for a message for Poppy to show her when she was older. The next morning I found a DM in my inbox from her and Ethan. I was over the moon that she went to so much trouble!'

We shared our pregnancies with the stars: Meet the celebrity preg-a-likes PA/Rex

Victoria Beckham, 37, designer, ex Spice Girl and business woman is mum to boys Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz – and now daughter Harper Seven, born on 10th July 2011.

The Beckhams announced in January that Victoria was pregnant with their longed-for fourth baby. The rumour mill immediately started as to whether number four would be a girl.

Naturally, Victoria continued to wear vertigo-inducing heels and glamorous clothing throughout her pregnancy, including to the Royal Wedding in April.

She then adopted a low profile for the final few weeks and Harper Seven was born in Los Angeles 7lb 10oz.

The newest member of the Beckham clan immediately hit the headlines with her unusual name. And Victoria was snapped just weeks after the birth back in her stilettos, despite suffering a slipped disc...

Debbie Price, 36, had her pregnancy in tandem with Posh and gave birth to Amelie-Rose not long after her.

'I announced my pregnancy before Victoria as I was due a couple of weeks ahead.

During the pregnancy I didn't steal any of Victoria's style - no way could I have walked in heels! I thought she looked fab at Kate and Will's wedding, and I remember thinking with some envy, why aren't her ankles swollen like mine?

Once I had Amelie-Rose, by C-section, I thought how amazing Victoria was looking after the birth of Harper Seven!

I envy her not having to worry about finances or having to return to work if she doesn't want to, but I don't envy the constant pressure she must be under to look good in public or receive a lashing if she isn't. No-one cares if I'm still wearing my maternity jeans!'

We shared our pregnancies with the stars: Meet the celebrity preg-a-likes PA

Emma Bunton, 35, ex Spice Girl and Dancing On Ice judge, is mum to Beau and now Tate - who was born on the 6th May 2011.

Emma announced her second pregnancy with long-term partner Jade Jones in November last year, then told the press in February she was expecting another boy.

After a few months showing off some very glamourous maternity frocks as a judge on Dancing On Ice, the series came to an end in March, and Emma spent the last few weeks of her pregnancy putting her feet up as she was apparently struggling to sleep.

Tate weighed in at 7lb exactly,
and Emma excitedly announced the birth on (of course), Twitter.

Sarah Lopez, 31, was pregnant at the same time as Emma and had a girl called Eva not long after Emma's baby arrived.

'I announced my pregnancy at the end of October and Emma announced hers a couple of weeks later via Twitter, so I saw it immediately and thought how funny it was we were due at the same time.

It was a second pregnancy for us both and our older boys are about the same age too. I couldn't have asked for a nicer 'preg-a-like' - I think Emma is a really likeable woman and not too 'celeby'. I've never tried to recreate any of her style but wouldn't mind being friends with Louie Spence!

She had her son on the 6th of May and my daughter was due on the 9th, but she decided to hang on in there for another 10 days and arrived on the 19th of May. I just wish my baby had been as punctual as Emma's!'

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