8 Out Of 10 Britons Think One Parent Should Stay Home With Children

8 Out Of 10 Britons Think One Parent Should Stay Home With Children


New research has found that eight out of 10 Britons think that one parent should stay at home with the children, rather than go out to work.

The BritainThinks poll - commissioned by Tessa Jowell for use in the Labour Party's policy review on the family - asked 2,000 adults in the UK whether they agreed with the statement: 'In an ideal world one parent should stay home with the children' and a whopping 82 per cent said yes.

Meanwhile, the same number of respondents felt that children were wrapped in cotton wool these days, whilst 92 per cent agreed with the statement that 'being a good parent is mostly about setting boundaries and discipline'.

The survey asked many questions about family life in the UK today, to help identify the problems and challenges faced by parents. It concluded that the 'Modern British Family' is struggling and feels tired, stressed and under pressure.

The report suggests all the problems families face can be linked back to feeling financially stretched, and claims that families want the opportunities to 'help themselves' and not rely on state handouts.

The poll also found parents 'yearned' for more traditional family values, and more time at home with their children.

Tessa Jowell MP commented on the research, saying:

'This exclusive and revealing research from BritainThinks will really help steer Labour's policy review into family life. We're looking into how we can support the changing role of grandparents so they can help relieve the burden on mum and dad and how we can encourage more businesses to do so too; how we can help the squeezed middle families who are facing a cost of living crisis, restore responsibility to heart of family life and strengthen the ties which bind our communities together". The findings from this research will help to ensure Labour is in touch and understands the pressures on modern families'

Other key findings from the study indicated that working hours prevent parents from spending time with their children, and that grandparents are seen as a 'crucial source' of child care and support.

What do you think of this research? Do you agree that the 'Modern British Family' is struggling, tired, stressed and under pressure?

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