15/09/2011 08:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Entirely Gratuitous Post Dedicated To Hugh Jackman's Good Looks

Hugh Jackman at the Real Steel premiere Hugh Jackman made his way to Leicester Square last night for the premiere of Real Steel and proceeded to stand around looking fit and a little bit goofy. Like so:

Hugh Jackman at Real Steel premiere Photo: Getty

We have honestly got no clue what Real Steel is about although it probably involves a robot and Hugh Jackman.

Maybe Hugh is lonely and builds a robot friend to sit with him on the sofa and watch telly with him and push him on swings and so on. Then the robot wants to be an architect and starts to sneak off and go to night school and Hugh is all, "DON'T LEAVE ME!" and the robot is like, "I MIGHT MAKE OTHER FRIENDS AND LEARN HOW TO BUILD HOUSES BUT YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND AND I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT," and then Hugh calms down and goes to the robot's graduation ceremony and they live happily ever after.

Hugh Jackman at Real Steel premiere Why, hello! Photo:

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