15/09/2011 07:07 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

P Middy Embraces Ankle Boots - MyDaily Is Surprised But Approving

pippa middleton in kensington Pippa Middleton stepped out in Kensington on Wednesday wearing a simple blue dress and cute black ankle boots.

P Middy embraces ankle boots - MyDaily is surprised but approving Photo:

We don't really have more info on what she was actually doing - to be honest, reading the picture wires would leave you with the impression that all Pippa does is wander the streets of Kensington and Chelsea wearing a selection of flat shoes and high street dresses and then, for a bit of variety, spends the weekends wearing a series of hats to crash a series of weddings.

Yesterday, though, she tore up the rulebook completely and wore some ankle boots with a heel. Can you believe it?

We didn't at first but after inhaling deeply from the smelling salts and recovering from our stylish swooning we've decided we quite like them.

And here she is again, wearing some more clothes: