15/09/2011 06:26 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Peaches Geldof Slams Teen TV Drama Skins

Peaches Geldof PA

Peaches Geldof has slammed teen TV drama Skins for giving kids a bad name.

The 22-year-old told The Sun that the popular E4 programme is 'too much', despite being 'real in some ways'.

She said that 'for every handful of teenagers who are wayward and going through things that are portrayed in Skins, there are many teenagers who aren't.'

Peaches claims growing up is not a '24/7 party lifestyle' and there are times when teenagers are just sitting at home doing their homework, adding that 'it's not just this crazy, drug-fuelled orgy-filled thing that Skins says that adolescence is.'

Peaches also had a dig at celebrity reality shows, claiming she had been asked to do them since she was 13, but will never agree to appear in one as she thinks they are 'wrong'.

She said shows like I'm a Celebrity were akin to 'prostitution':

'It's like prostitution, and I wouldn't want to be a hooker. I'd have to be living out of a cardboard box on Old Compton Street to do any reality show. The idea is so abhorrent. It's like selling your soul. '

Do your teenagers watch Skins?
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