16/09/2011 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Half Of All Parents Want To Bring Back The Cane

Boy caned by teacher PA

A survey conducted by the Times Education Supplement has found that almost half of all parents want schools to bring back the cane.

Caning was banned in schools 25 years ago, but astonishingly, its return is favoured not only by many adults, but one in five children, too.

The TES research also found that 93 of children think teachers should have more authority in the classroom, whilst 85% of mums and dads claim students are less respectful now than they were during their time at school.

The TES said calls for stricter discipline and more authority for teaching staff was not about making children unhappy at school, but instead making them keep their behaviour in check, saying: "It's not about making school life miserable, it's showing children their actions have ­consequences."

What do you think?
Was the cane still in use when you were at school?
Do you think it should be brought back into use for the most unruly of pupils?
Or does violence simply breed more violence?