16/09/2011 07:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Spend 14 Hours A Week On The Web - And Six On Social Networking!

Woman on a laptop PA

Despite most mums and dads moaning about the amount of time their offspring spend on their computers and mobile phones, new research suggests that parents are actually just as bad - particularly when it comes to social networking.

A study has found that mums and dads are spending an average of 14 hours a week glued to the internet, and almost half of that time is on sites like Facebook.

A survey of more than 1000 adults revealed 62 per cent of mums and dads were visiting Facebook 'several' times a week, and were spending around six hours communicating with their friends online.

The study also found that online communities were replacing extended families as the first port of call for parenting tips, with mums looking to the web for the answers to their domestic dilemmas.

The women surveyed told the researchers they spent most of the time online trying to find ways to improve family life, such as sourcing special deals, looking for days out or discussing childcare issues, whilst dads were more likely to go online for social or hobby reasons.

Carrie Grafham, from Different Size Feet, the media agency which undertook the survey, said that modern mums are 'time poor' and the web gives them instant answers:

'They are using the internet as a way to speed up their lives – shopping, managing finances and for childcare advice.

'When it comes to bringing up children, extended families are still important, but increasingly women are finding that online groups or forums are providing more immediate and up-to-date advice.

'Today many mothers are further away from their extended families and more isolated, particularly if they have given up work, so in a way this time is really important.'

Do you agree? Do you spend much of your spare time online?
If you have a problem are you more likely to Google a solution (or come to Parentdish!) than ask your mum or a friend for advice?