19/09/2011 19:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Should Government Help Parents With Private School Fees?

Government should help parents of private school kids with fees says campaigner PA

A spokeswoman from a parents' group has said the Government should help families with children at private school by giving them vouchers towards the cost.

Margaret Morrissey of the group Parents Outloud says parents who opt out of state schooling should 'receive the amount of money a child would cost in state education in terms of a voucher'.

Her comments come in response to a report which suggests middle-class parents are feeling the pinch from school fees. Last year over 50 private schools closed because of dwindling numbers, and around a third of parents are now claiming they fear the money they have put away for school fees will no longer be enough.

A study by Schroders bank found nearly a third of parents who pay for private education are now thinking twice about sending children to independent schools or are cutting back on the amount of money they spend, whilst up to 500,000 families say they would consider educating one child privately whilst sending their other youngsters to state schools.

Do you agree the Government should help families who send their kids to private school?
Or is it a case of their choice, their cost?