20/09/2011 04:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Myleene Klass: My Man Hates It When I Get Too Thin!

Myleene Klass PA

Myleene Klass has shared her body secrets and revealed that her man - fiancé Graham Quinn - does not like it when she gets too thin!

Myleene, 33, who is mum to Ava, three and Hero, six months, also says she is a much more chilled out mummy second time around, and has stopped 'trying to be good at everything' since having daughter Hero Harper (whose name, she reveals, was almost JUST Harper - something she thinks is 'so funny' in hindsight given that OTHER famous one!).

The mum-of-two admits that six months after Hero's birth she still has a stone to lose to get back to her pre-preg shape - but says she doesn't actually want to go that far:

'I weighed eight and a half stone before I got pregnant,' she tells New! magazine, 'I gained 4 stone while pregnant and now I weigh nine and a half. I think I should lose a bit. I don't want to lose a stone, though - it just feels like too much from where I am now.'

In fact, Myleene says pregnancy actually made her feel comfortable in her body for the first time ever, explaining that as her weight has always gone up and down, having a bump meant she didn't have to hold in her belly and worry about her bum looking big!

And in a refreshing change from most celeb post-baby claims, Myleene fesses up she's not doing much to get the extra pounds off - blaming her 'knackered' back for her lack of exercise, and her love of wolfing down the kids' leftovers!

But her post-baby bod seems to suit her long term love Graham very well - he apparently likes her best with a bit of meat on - even calling her Boney M if she loses too much:

'Gray would always have me with extra pounds on. He hates it if I lose too much weight, he calls me Boney M. He doesn't understand why women want to be thin and says there is nothing attractive about it!'

Unlike a lot of the A-list, Myleene did not consider a tummy tuck after her babies' arrivals - saying mums should 'go easy' on themselves and 'not try and get rid of the evidence' of their 'amazing' babies!'

And as for those wedding plans - it seems that little 'uns keep foiling Myleene's attempts to get up the aisle!

'Well, every time we plan a wedding, a baby comes along! It seems to bother everyone else more than it bothers us,' she says, whilst acknowledging her eldest daughter Ava, 4, would love the opportunity to wear a pretty dress:

'Ava wants a marriage but she doesn't know that we are not married. She thinks weddings happen so you can wear a pretty dress. Knowing Gray, though, if we did marry, it will have to be so covert because he can't bear attention. If more than 20 people were at the wedding, I'd be jilted at the altar!'

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