20/09/2011 17:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Working Mums Rely On Their Team Of 10 To Get Them Through The Week

Exhausted mother PA

Researchers claim most modern mums who juggle home, work and children, have a 'team' of around 10 friends and family who they rely on to keep everything on track and stop them becoming totally frazzled by their commitments.

The study found that working mums call on their 'team' for around TEN hours of support a week, as they struggle to fit the demands of life in around their office hours.

Their own mums were revealed as the first point of call in an emergency, whilst neighbours and their children's friend's parents were also heavily relied upon.

The study by Tesco Baby for it's Help a Mum campaign, quizzed 2000 mums about their lives and discovered a huge 67 per cent said they would have to give up work if they did not have their 'team'.

A spokeswoman for Tesco, Lorna Dickinson said: "Mums work incredibly hard and it's only natural that they rely on other people to help them out. Juggling work, meal times, housework and various appointments can be difficult so having a trusted network of reliable people can make a difference."

"It's fantastic that mums help other mums out ­– from babysitting to giving advice and sharing parenting concerns. Being able to take the weight off their shoulders and having people to turn to is precious."

The researchers found that the 'team of 10' saves the average mum £140 a month, and, interestingly, 40 per cent of the mums were also part of another mums 'team'.

Do you have a 'Mum Team'? Who do you rely on most to keep your family's life in order?