21/09/2011 11:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Who's Sporting A Celestial Catsuit Plus Purple Hair?

If you guessed Lady Gaga, you're miles out - she's currently all about the selective nudity and pigeon wings - if you remembered that Jessie J has a penchant for wigs (we're assuming it's a wig) and onesies then ten MyDaily points to you! The singer donned her starry catsuit to perform at the BBM Music and the Blackberry 7 Smartphone Collection at Sketch in London.

Who's sporting this celestial catsuit plus purple hair? Photo: PA

The singer, whose broken foot means she currently has to spend performances mostly in a seated position, has perfected the art of garnering attention through clothing and chairs - thus avoiding medically inadvisable leaping about.

Who's sporting this celestial catsuit plus purple hair? A medical support boot plus metal studs completes the outfit. Photo: PA

It seems that Jessie might have been compensating for the lack of dance moves with some wild gesticulating though as she tweeted that she lost some of her jewellery during the performance:

"Does any of the heartbeats that watched last night have my ring? Its my fav :( It came off and I know it fell near you. Please let me know if you do [sic]."

Who's sporting this celestial catsuit plus purple hair? Not sure the cushion dance move is going to catch on, Jessie. Photo: Getty

The celestial catsuit comes hot on the heels of her eye-catching Giles front row outfit - a Stella McCartney-esque ASOS body tucked under Betty Boop vintage Versace trousers.

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