23/09/2011 06:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Outrage As School Bans Proper Footballs

Child holding a football PA

Furious parents have spoken out after a school in Gloucestershire imposed a ban on proper footballs for 'health and safety' reasons.

Harewood Junior School in Tuffley will now only allow kids to play with soft 'sponge' balls at break times amid fears proper leather footballs could cause injuries.

Outraged mums and dads have branded the move crazy, but teachers insist they have implemented the ban after a 'number of incidents' with leather-style balls.

Speaking to The Sun, livid mum Kirstie Davies said the ruling was 'stupid', adding:

"They've never had any fatal accidents because of a leather football."

A dad with a six-year-old boy at the school also expressed his annoyance at the ban, saying it would affect his son's soccer skills: "It's health and safety being stupid. My lad's a bright little player and he won't learn if he's not kicking a proper football."

The school's headteacher Andrea Mills said the decision was made simply to keep everyone at the school safe:

"Pupils and staff were consulted on the decision. It's about having children able to play while keeping everyone safe."

She added that the school still use leather-style balls for PE and games lessons.

Completely over the top, or a sensible decision? What do you think?
Has your school brought in such measures?

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