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Dannii Minogue's Guilty Pleasure: The Blush Cocktail

Back during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, my cocktail of the week was the Cointreau Blush.

Unlike many cocktails, which are created in a shaker with ice, this is what's known as a 'built' cocktail because each of the ingredients is layered, one on top of the other, into the glass.

Dannii Minogue's guilty pleasure: the blush cocktail "Go easy - for a long drink the Blush packs quite a punch!" Photo courtesy of Dannii Minogue.

Built cocktails are usually long drinks that contain a fizzy mixer like soda or ginger ale which you couldn't shake up or it would end up fizzing over and going everywhere.

The first step is to get yourself a tall glass and fill it with a generous quantity of ice. Then you add a measure of Cointreau, fill the glass almost up to the top with pink grapefruit juice, then add a dash of soda water. To finish the drink you squeeze a decent wedge of lime into the glass, dropping it into the top as a garnish.

The top tip when making built cocktails is to make sure your mixers are pre-chilled. Because they don't get shaken up with the ice they can take longer to chill from room temperature - and nobody enjoys a warm cocktail!

Dannii Minogue's Guilty Pleasure: The Blush cocktail "A fun refreshing treat towards the end of the evening." Photo courtesy of Dannii Minogue

Of course, Team Minogue registered its share of 'Champagne Miles' during MSFW – it wouldn't be fashion if there weren't some bubbles. But this cocktail was perfect when I knew I didn't fancy another champagne and I wasn't quite ready to start hitting the water. It was a fun, refreshing treat towards the end of the evening - but go easy, for a long drink the Blush packs quite a punch!

Our mixologist said the flavour is very similar to the cocktail 'Sex on the Beach' and recommended substituting the grapefruit juice for cranberry juice for a fresher taste. He also said you can swap the soda water for sparkling mineral water or tonic water. I wish we could have taken him home with us for the family pool parties.

Blush recipe:
Prepare a long glass with ice.
30ml Cointreau.
Fill the glass almost to the top with pink grapefruit juice.
Add a dash of soda water.
Add a squeeze of lime.

For a non-alcoholic version you could try substituting the Cointreau for a few drops of orange flower water (available from Middle Eastern specialist shops) to taste.

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