27/09/2011 12:27 BST | Updated 27/11/2011 05:12 GMT

'Ashes To Ashes' Star Philip Glenister Claims He Invented 'Fire Up The Quattro' Catchphrase

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Ashes To Ashes star Philip Glenister has angered the hit show's co-creator after claiming that he came up with the famous line "Fire up the Quattro".

Glenister - DCI Gene Hunt in Life On Mars and its BBC One spin-off Ashes To Ashes - was quoted in this week's Radio Times saying that he was constantly told Quattro jokes on the back of his tough-talking character.

Speaking about his alter-ego's catchphrase, the 48-year-old actor added: "The writers maintain 'Fire up the Quattro' was their idea, but it was mine.

"They will dispute it but - sorry guys - put it in print."

But Matthew Graham, who devised the hit shows with Ashley Pharoah, reacted furiously to the comments. He wrote on his Twitter feed: "In the Radio Times you will read that Phil created 'Fire up the Quattro'.

"He didn't. Nor did 'the writers'. It was me."

He said: "I have drafts of Ashes going back to before he was even shown the script. Originally it was 'fire up the Princess'.

"I sat down and deliberately coined a phrase that might rival (Life On Mars catchphrase) 'armed b******s'. Phil didn't like the line. (He) wanted to drop it."

He added: "Thanks Phil. Great timing mate. Thank you for that deluded ego trip. That sideways jibe. That public sneer after I sing your praises."

Graham went on: "Thanks for reducing five years by referring to Ash (Pharoah) and I as 'the writers'," reported RadioTimes.com. He added: "I've decided to go fishing. I look forward to Phil's next screenplay. I hear it's a thriller that some writer helped him with."