27/09/2011 17:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gabby Logan's Pregnancy Dilemma: Should I Use Stored Embryos To Have Another IVF Baby?

Gabby Logan and husband Kenny reveals she has embroys in storage PA

TV presenter and former gymnast Gabby Logan has revealed she has embryos in storage, but is undecided as to whether she will undergo more IVF treatment to have another baby.

Gabby, 38, already has six-year-old IVF twins Lois and Reuben with her husband, rugby player, Kenny, 39, after a three year struggle to conceive due to 'unexplained infertility'.

Speaking to New! magazine, the busy working mum says that having more babies is something she has 'got to do something about' in the next year and a half because of her age.

She says one day she is of the opinion 'it would be great' and then the next she is 'shattered and balls are juggling in the air' as she tries to combine her working and home life.

Despite their busy lifestyle, the Logans manage without a nanny, and share the school run duties, with Kenny taking Lois and Reuben to school each day, whilst Gabby does the afternoon pick up. She admits that there are times when they have to call in the help of a temporary nanny, or Gabby's auntie when things get too hectic, but says it's easier that it was when the children were younger.

"When they were babies it was more exhausting, but now they're just two lively kids who happen to be the same age!"

And whilst she mulls over the possibilities of adding to their brood, Gabby fesses up that Kenny is 'quite ambivalent' at the prospect of more children, saying she thinks 'he thinks we're very lucky and we've moved so far beyond the baby stage'.

And although she admits that having her embryos in storage gives her the choice of when to get pregnant, Gabby says that 'In a way you want that decision not to have to be yours...'

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