27/09/2011 07:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

GCSE Papers To Be Marked Down For Poor Writing, And Re-Sits Scrapped

Teens sitting an exam PA

Youngsters taking GCSE exams could lose up to 12 per cent of their marks if their grammar, spelling and punctuation are not up to scratch.

From September next year, children taking English language GCSEs will be marked down if there are errors in their writing.

English literature, geography, history, ancient history and religious studies examinations will follow suit in 2013, when writing skills will account for 5 per cent of the awarded marks.

The examination reforms were outlined yesterday by regulator Ofqual. Other changes to the system include the axing of bite-sized modules (good news for boys), and the abolition of re-sits to boost marks, except in English and maths.

Education Secretary Michael Gove had previously said he thought the 'culture of re-sists' was wrong, saying: 'The problem that we had is that instead of concentrating on teaching and learning, you had people who were being trained again and again to clear the hurdle of the examination along the way.'

Do you think these are good moves?
Do you agree that writing skills should count towards examination grapes?
And what about re-sits? Is it right to scrap them?