27/09/2011 08:03 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katie Price's Six-Year-Old Son Junior Has Cage Fighting Lessons!

Katie Price sends six-year-old son to fighting lessons PA

The Sun is reporting that Katie Price's six-year-old son, Junior, is having FIGHTING lessons.

The paper claims the little boy is attending 'MMA' or mixed martial arts classes in Hove, East Sussex. The 'zero tolerance' sessions are said to be run by a fighter friend of Katie's ex, cage fighter Alex Reid.

Katie tweeted about Junior's lessons, saying: Junior just had his first mma lesson with sol at fit fight school!

Katie's decision to send Junior to such classes is sure to raise eyebrows after video footage of little boys of eight and nine brawling in an organised fight at Greenland Labour club in Preston, Lancashire, swept across the internet. The fight between the two lads only ended when one of them collapsed in tears.

A spokesperson for Katie told The Sun that the model-turned-businesswoman does not 'condone' children fighting, but knows 'the importance of her children having an active lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.' The spokesperson added: "Katie would never allow Junior to fight. This was purely a fun exercise session."

What do you think? Has this been blown out of proportion?
Are 'mixed martial arts' lessons a good way for children to keep fit and healthy? Or is it just too close to 'fighting'?