27/09/2011 13:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lauren Goodger Admits: I Was Pregnant With TOWIE Co-Star Mark Wright's Baby

Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright from The Only Way is Essex PA

Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex has told a magazine that she aborted the baby she was expecting with Mark Wright.

Viewers of TOWIE have been gripped by Lauren and Mark's on-off relationship since the show started last year, and the new series began this week with the couple claiming their latest split is for good.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Lauren says she fell pregnant by Mark when she was 20, but because she felt their relationship was too 'volatile' she made the decision to have a termination.

Speaking about their most recent separation, and then confessing to an earlier pregnancy, Lauren explained: 'I did think I was pregnant. I'm not on the Pill and haven't been for a little while, just because of my cells, not because I was planning a baby and thank God we didn't.

'I was late once and I think it was the stress of what was going on. I've been pregnant before with his baby but I chose not to have it. I was only 20. No one knows except my close family.'

'I was still living with my mum, our relationship was so volatile and we weren't ready for a baby. I'd be left in the flat and he'd go off with other girls and we said, "Let's wait till we're more settled".

And although saying it was the 'right thing to do' Lauren admits that if Mark had said "Oh my God, I could never get rid of it, let's have it," then she 'probably would have.'

Goodness, this relationship has more twists and turns than a roller-coaster doesn't it? Whatever next?

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