28/09/2011 10:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hot Or Not: Kim Kardashian's See-Through Top And Shiny Leggings

Kim Kardashian joined her sister Kourtney out and about in New York on Tuesday night. Her top was see-through which is perfectly normal for a night out with your sister. Right?

Hot or not: Kim Kardashian's see-through top and shiny leggings "What, this old thing? No - I just threw it on..." Photo: Rex

It's not see-through in a fake accidental "I had no idea this fabric went translucent in front of the camera flashes" kind of way either (mostly because we suspect the entirity of Kim's wardrobe is carefully planned with the paparazzi and brand endorsement deals in mind). It's just see-through.

Now, looking from a fashion point of view, she's gone completely wrong. Yes, we can see her underwear but the lacy design of the bra conflicts horribly with the design on the front of her top. It's all swirls and dots and edging underneath a layer of stripes and mesh. The bra also doesn't look like it's supporting her particularly well. Add in the super shiny leggings she seems to fond of and it's all a bit of a clothing catastrophe.

So why is she wearing it? We've come up with some possibilities so just vote for your favourite:

Here are some slightly more fortunate outfits so you can cleanse your eyeballs: