28/09/2011 17:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is This Pippa Middleton's Latest Style Obsession...?

We got an email today apparently containing a selection of pictures documenting Pippa Middleton's new style obsession. Upon looking through the pictures it became obvious that on the arm of someone less photographed her 'style obsession' would actually be referred to as 'owning and using a handbag'.

Is this Pippa Middleton's latest style obsession...? Photos: Rex

While we admit it's a fine handbag (a brown leather Modalu number cleverly entitled 'Pippa' in case you were thinking of treating yourself), and clearly rather versatile as well as useful we're really not entirely convinced that using a handbag more than once constitutes an obsession. It more likely constitutes a gift from Modalu to P-Middy and some spectacular product placement.

Then again we might not be thinking clearly - after all, if we're going purely on regular usage, we're probably too obsessed with our own handbags (and shoes and socks and jumpers and mascara...) to pay Pippa's the required amount of attention.

To view the style obsession in all its glory just click through the gallery below!