29/09/2011 15:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Number Three For Louise Redknapp?

Louise Redknapp PA

Louise Redknapp has revealed she would like another baby - and she would love for it to be a little girl!

Speaking to The Mirror, singer Louise says her recent trip to see poverty-stricken mums and babies in Uganda for Comic Relief has 'changed her', leaving her vowing to be a better mother to her sons, and making her think about having another child.

Louise and footballer husband Jamie have two sons, Charley, seven, and Beau, two. They struggled to fall pregnant first time round, as Louise was diagnosed with endometriosis, but Beau came along easily, leaving Louise with no worries about falling pregnant for a third time:

"I'm not worried about having another child," she ­says. "It was ­difficult for me to have ­my first, but having Beau was OK. I wouldn't be nervous about it at all. It would be amazing."

Speaking about her desire to have a little girl, Louise says she is dying to go to dance classes - and address the gender balance at home!

"I have two boisterous boys and a husband and they're forever running off to football leaving me on my own. I'm dying to go to dance classes! And however modern we are, I can't see the boys at dance classes – ­not in their football kits anyway. Sometimes I'm left out. They're off to football, then out for burgers or whatever. In the morning, ­sending them out seems a good idea. But by 7pm I want them home again! So another one – yes, maybe a girl – would be lovely!"

Louise said her Comic Relief trip shocked her as she was not expecting to see children in a such a desperate need for feed:
"What I wasn't expecting was such ­malnutrition in the kids," she says, "I knew there was poverty, but that the kids never have enough to eat, any day, that's shocking. The tiny amount of food and the unclean water is unbelievable."

"My kids have had a horrid time since I've got back. I'm taking no crap! Charley went to me 'Mummy you have turned really horrible since you got back'. And I was like 'Really? Well there's going to be more of that!'"

Would you want to redress the balance at home if you were Louise?
Would you keep trying for a little girl?