A Beautiful Female Face Triggers Same Reaction In Men As Cocaine

They say a man is a sucker for beauty, but according to scientists, it's all in his brain.

The face of a beautiful, attractive woman gives a man the same buzz that he'd get taking cocaine, an American study has found.

Researchers at Harvard University found that when men were shown images of gorgeous female faces, their brain image scans showed that the ‘reward’ circuitry was activated – the same reaction the brain has when it’s faced with the narcotic drug.

The images that the male brain found most exciting were faces with a prominent, curved forehead and nose located lower down the face. They also liked round cheeks and a small chin.

But what other weird and wonderful things attract men and women to each other? Scientists have been researching this for years and have come up with many conclusions - from the way someone looks, smells and even the way they talk.

Take a look at the gallery below to find out what makes guys and girls fancy each other.