Ultra-Light Plane Hits Ferris Wheel In Australia (Photos)

02/10/2011 11:56 BST | Updated 02/12/2011 10:12 GMT

An ultra-light plane has crashed into a Ferris wheel in Australia, but despite trapping two children on the ride and two adults in the aircraft for several hours nobody what seriously injured in the incident.

The plane, a Cheetah S200, hit the frame of the wheel at Old Bar, a small town in eastern Australia north of Sydney.

The Ferris wheel did not topple over, however, leaving the plane stuck in the structure until everyone could be safely rescued.

Police confirmed that two children, a 9-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, had been trapped at the top of the ride for over an hour.

The 52-year-old pilot and a 32-year-old passenger were trapped in the plane for more than three hours before a crane was used to free them.

The pilot, Paul Cox, said he simply did not see the ride.

"The next thing I knew, I was stopped inside the Ferris wheel," he told the Associated Press. "I had no idea for a few minutes and I was just hoping no one got hurt."

Plane Crashes Into Ferris Wheel