03/10/2011 11:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jail For Cruel Couple: Baby Burnt On Radiator, Spider Put In Terrified Toddler's Mouth

Police investigation tape PA

A couple have been jailed for 32 months each after they admitted subjecting their children to vile acts of cruelty.

James Kirman and Rachel Drinkell from Grimsby carried out a string of attacks on their children, including filming themselves putting a spider in their toddler daughter's mouth, sounding an air horn in the ear of a baby, and holding a baby up against a radiator.

The pair were also found to have filmed themselves having sex whilst their children were in the room.

The couple only came to the attention of the police after the baby was burned on the radiator - Kirman, 31, and Drinkell, 24, failed to seek help for the child for 20 minutes. He eventually ended up in a specialist burns unit.

Relatives of the children cried as videos were shown at Grimsby Crown Court.

Kirman and Drinkell admitted cruelty and were jailed for 32 months each. Judge David Tremberg said children were "systematically terrorised".

He told Kirman and Drinkell: "You mercilessly inflicted suffering and recorded it so you could look back on it for your enjoyment."