04/10/2011 11:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Cheryl Cole Wears Victoria Beckham Design For Pride Of Britain Awards

With the announcement of Cheryl Cole's foray into designing thanks to a shoe collection comparisons with Victoria Beckham (and speculation as to whether VB is pleased about any of it) have been rife. So we can probably take Cheryl wearing one of Victoria's designs to the Pride of Britain Awards last night as a potential peace offering:

Cheryl wears Victoria Beckham on red carpet. Photo: PA

The double crepe floorsweeper in Cadillac pink is from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and we must say Cheryl wears it rather well, keeping the accessories to just a pair of sparkly earrings.

As ever with red carpet pics there's also a huge amount of enjoyment to be had in observing the people in the background so don't think we haven't noticed you, guy-leaning-into-shot-trying-to-get-a-picture-of-Cheryl's-bum!

And as for the girl in the next pic who seems to be trying to stroke Cheryl's hair....

Pausing for photos with fans. Photo: PA

So, what do you think of Cheryl's look? And, come to think of it, what do you think of Victoria's dress? Let us know in the comments and shop her look below.

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