04/10/2011 11:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents To Blame For Kids' Bad Behaviour At School Say Teachers

Teachers say parents are to blame for kids' bad behaviour at school PA

Teachers have laid the blame for worsening behaviour in the classroom firmly at the door of parents and negative role models.

An online poll has found that most teachers think they 'lack the respect of society'.

The survey, which was undertaken by the Guardian Teacher Network, found 59 per cent of teaching staff felt pupils' behaviour had got worse during their teaching career, with 86 per cent blaming the decline of the nuclear family and weaker parenting skills.

Seventy five per cent of those who thought behaviour had declined blamed the growing influence of dubious and negative role models for young people, whilst 68 per cent cited a lack of support in imposing discipline from senior staff, with 49 per cent claiming it was down to parents becoming less supportive of teachers.

Wendy Berliner from the Guardian commented on the study, saying: 'The inaugural Guardian Teacher Network survey provides an valuable insight into the thoughts of teachers working in the UK education system today.

'The findings of the survey are revealing and there is a clear picture that, while teachers love their profession, they are struggling under the weight of external pressures from parents and the Government.'

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