04/10/2011 17:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Peter Andre Says His Kids Have Only Seen Him Show Affection To Katie Price

Peter Andre PA

Peter Andre may be stepping out with a new love, but he says he is determined his kids will not witness a constant flow of women going in and out of his life.

Dad-of-two Peter is currently dating backing dancer Kristina Macmillan, but says in his column for New! magazine that he is reluctant to say too much publicly about his love life because of his children.

He wrote this week: "It was revealed last week that the mystery girl I've been seeing is one of my backing dancers, Kristina Macmillan. I can confirm that this is true. Kristina and I have been friends for over a year and we've always got on really well. She was with someone else until June and nothing happened between us until after that, but we've always been close and always really liked each other. She's awesome but we're not an official item as she's just come out of a relationship and, as we all know, I have commitment issues!"

However, the devoted dad adds that he will not be letting his children, Junior and Princess, get to know Kristina until he is confident the relationship will go the distance:
"We hang out a lot and get on great - she's so cool and funny. So who knows what could happen in the future. She's from Manchester and, I must admit, I'm a sucker for a northern accent! Junior loves her, too, although he's only ever met her as part of a group of friends."

And, he says, his kids have only EVER seen him show affection to one other woman - their mum, Katie Price: "It's still true to say I've only ever been affectionate with one woman in front of the kids - and that was their mother."

We can't help but wonder what Katie thinks of his comments - especially as she has just ended her latest high profile love affair with model Leandro Penna - despite recently waxing lyrical about how amazing he was with her kids!

Do you agree with Peter's philosophy?
Do too many parents let their kids get too close to new boyfriends and girlfriends only for them to be off the scene after a few months?