05/10/2011 07:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

TOWIE's Mark Wright Cried Over Lauren Goodger's Abortion

TOWIE's Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger PA

The Only Way Is Essex star, Mark Wright, has admitted he cried when he and ex-girlfriend, Lauren Goodger chose to have an abortion, reports the Sun.

Lauren spoke about her abortion, which she had aged 20, last month in a revealing interview with OK! magazine.

Mark, 24, said he is upset that Lauren chose to reveal the couple's decision, which he says they made '100 per cent together' when they were younger and very first together.

'It was such an upsetting time. I hate the idea of abortions, that's why it only happened once in 10 years. I was more careful,' says Mark.

'It was very early days. It was a little bunch of cells but that still could've been my child. I broke down. That could've been my little David Beckham.'

He also says the decision to abort their baby was 'sad and personal' and is very distressed by it being made public:

'My friends don't leave me in my house on my own because I'm on a breaking edge.'

Sounds like six of one and half a dozen of another to us - surely they should both stop talking about it as it's so upsetting?