09/10/2011 22:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Claudia Winkleman: Why Mums Should Take 10 Minutes For Themselves Every Day

Claudia Winkleman: How I find me-time PA

Research from Twinings has found women juggle a massive 6.2 roles in their lives, with 67 per cent admitting to putting the needs of others before their own.

We caught up with Claudia Winkleman, mum to Jake, eight, Matilda, five, and new arrival three-monthold Arthur to find out how she finds a bit of time for herself away from her hectic schedule...

How do you take 10 and find me-time?

'I've been known to put on comfy socks! I get properly overexcited and turn the kettle on. I'm racing around after the kids from the moment they get up. One wants crumpets and one wants bacon with pickles (I know, quite odd) and I'm also feeding the baby. Then it's drop off at school and I come back home and put the baby down for a nap and then I take 10.'

How important is it to take a break?

'It's incredibly important. I am absolutely no fun when I haven't had 10 minutes to myself. That also means spending those precious moments not on my phone, checking emails, manically ordering mustard (I am actually nuts about all condiments) or anything like that. After a break I feel like a normal human being again, and this is the aim. I love my work and I love talking to my friends and I LOVE being with my kids but if I don't have a bit of 'off-time' I am like a grizzly bear. And not in a good way.'

How can other parents find me-time?

'To anyone that feels like they can't find the time to take 10 minutes out to themselves, I would say try, try and try again. We always think we just cannot stop, but the minute we do the world doesn't stop turning. So many of my friends and I feel guilty about relaxing. We shouldn't. Plus, it's a 10 minute break. I'm not saying 'book a flight to Greece and have a lie down for 10 days'. 10 minutes doing nothing makes everything okay. My favourite place to get some peace is just my bed!'

How do you find being a celebrity mum?

'I don't feel like a celebrity at all so I can't answer that. What's it like being a mum? It's brilliant, the best.'