10/10/2011 09:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mel B Starts Diet Plan To Lose Pregnancy Pounds

Mel B, daughters Madison and Angel and husband Stephen Belafonte on Sydney beach Splash

Mel B is the latest celebrity 'face' of the Jenny Craig weight-loss programme.

The new mum has been tweeting about her bid to get her pre-baby body back and how she is using the plan to do so.

Writing on Twitter this morning, Mel - who gave birth to her third daughter Madison just weeks ago - said:

#jenny is the jenny Craig food program that I'm doing to lose my baby weight and then some!

The former Spice Girl then clarified why she was doing the diet - suggesting that if she felt happy in herself, then she would be a better mummy:

'In answer to your questions, every mum wants to feel good about herself, with #jenny it's a no brainer as they do it all for you so you can focus on being the best mum ever!'

The X Factor Australia judge is representing the New Zealand and Australia branches of the weight-loss system, whose previous celeb 'faces' have included Kirstie Alley and Queen Latifah.

Melanie told reporters that she had 'literally been eating eating morning, noon and night, and its didn't matter what time. I was just eating' before staring the diet'.

''I really allowed myself the chance to pig out during this pregnancy, so I've got a bit of weight to lose.'

We can't wait to see the results!

Did you embark on a serious diet regime post-baby? What worked for you?